How Massage Can Help Improve Posture

Sleep is essential to good health, and a deep sleep is even more important. Americans are often not getting enough sleep, and that can have some bad health effects. It can also make a person less efficient, and that means, even more, working hours. Also, you cannot make up sleep lost, so your body absorbs the punishment regardless of how much you sleep later. Massage has been found to be a great answer for getting to sleep and getting the quality of sleep you need.

Deep sleep

Deep sleep is required for your body to restore itself, and when this happens a person is healthier. Your body cannot heal itself each day if it does not get enough deep sleep. Massage therapy has been shown to improve a person's chances of getting deep sleep and to make that deep sleep last longer so there is even more benefit. A chemical called serotonin is also released then, which is what makes a person feel good.

Staying asleep

To get the benefits of deep sleep you must be able to stay asleep. Chronic pain, injuries or even tension can keep you from sleeping. Massage helps with these things and helps you stay asleep once you get there, thus increasing the chances of deep sleep. Massage helps your body relax, and that puts you in a better position to get what you need out of sleep.

Massage works

You must be able to get to sleep in the first place if you are going to have quality sleep. Massage therapy helps your body get in position for that to happen. It can relieve anxiety, headaches and general tension that can keep you from falling asleep. It can also relieve pain from injuries that can prevent sleep. Studies have shown this is true for all ages, and it is especially effective when you get massages on a regular basis.

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